Selected Testimonials

  "We hired Harry to help us create our new giantharvest.com web site after our first attempt failed miserably. We selected Harry based on a succinct competitive bid. Harry's response demonstrated that he understood what we were looking for and his portfolio convinced us he could provide the professional image we were trying to create. Harry added a great deal of value both on the creative and technical side. He was responsive and more than delivered on his commitments. We ended up not only with a great looking site but design elements that could be used to help create our identity and meet our initial print needs (e.g., letterhead, business card layouts, envelopes, etc.). Harry worked closely with our printer's rep through the inevitable file and layout issues to get the printer what he needed for our business cards. I would highly recommend Harry to anyone who wants to create a look that will really help them stand out and wants to work with someone who will stay with them until it's done to their satisfaction."  

Dave Watts, Principal at Giant Harvest Sales Consultants

  "We engaged Harry to help us create and launch our website, www.reliantz.com. His deep expertise and attention to detail at every step of the process was exceptional. We have received many positive comments about the look of our site and ease of use. Harry was responsive to our feedback and followed up with very helpful ideas. In addition, his fees were very reasonable in consideration of the value added work he delivered. I recommend Harry very highly to anyone thinking of creating a new website or enhancing their current site."  

Sid Ferrales, Managing Partner at Reliantz Group

  "Harry did an excellent job of designing and developing our website at GiantHarvest.com. He is a real professional and I would recommend him highly to anyone looking for help with their website."  

Mike Mitté, GiantHarvest.com

  "I highly recommend Harry Tolen for his work with website evaluation, development and management. Harry recently completed a site evaluation for me, as a roadmap to a major upgrade that I am planning. He's been encouraging me to update our site for a while, with great recommendations. I've found him to have that rare combination of true genius (well, to me!) about code, usability, database management, etc., a driving sense of wanting to make me (the client) and our viewers have a more successful result with our website, and a wicked sense of humor (thank goodness) which keeps it all manageable for a semi-geek like myself. Through the process, he was able to ask well-thought-out questions to determine my objectives and preferences, pointed out many areas for improvement, including cleaning up the code, adding stylesheets, improving site navigation, and implementing a series of effective SEO techniques, with quick and intelligible responses to my inquiries and questions. I work with a lot of very intelligent people, and Harry not only has the intellect, but he's got the people skills and concern for welfare that makes him a rich and valuable member of anyone's success team, whether building from scratch or planning to upgrade an existing site. Continued success, Harry, many thanks!"  

Bruce Phares, bruceanddonna.com

  "Harry Tolen saved my website. He is everything one could ever want in a website developer and more. I have a �canned� ecommerce website. I�ve migrated four times to new canned solutions in search of the promised technical support. There is none. I have literally cried while on hold waiting for help from someone, anyone who can fix whatever broke so my website will again accept payments. Weeks pass with no fix and nowhere to turn. All the web developers I call are booked for months to years out. I hire a web consulting firm but still must wait. And when help comes, it�s terribly expensive with quite a bit of attitude. It must have been divine intervention to connect with Harry, a person who got what I was saying in my primitive, low tech way and who knew exactly what needed to be done. Harry and I were on the same page. Harry made a priority list of what I needed, after suggesting important items that I had not thought of but which became an absolute must, and gave me the cost for each item. Harry just finished the first phase. He overwhelmed me with how quickly he was done, how much extra he put into the project, and how reasonable his charges were. I am foolish if I don�t lock Harry into the entire project right now. Word is going to get out about how good he is and then he�ll be too busy helping others to help me again. Yet I have faith in Harry that he will find a way to not only make time for me but others in need of web development. And likely he is going to change the industry by adding that lost art of one to one customer service."  

Megan McDonald, CEO at RideMagnetism.com

  "Harry did an excellent job reworking my web site. I will only be calling upon Harry for all future projects. If you are looking to hire someone that will do what they say they will on time and on budget, call Harry!"  

Richard Beaubelle, Seattle Canine Club

  "Harry has done an excellent job maintaining my website for years. More recently, as my business changed, I found I needed something more sophisticated, built from the ground up and focusing on things like search engine optimization and a more extensive use of graphics. Harry's new design really fits the bill! My search engine rankings are improving, and best of all, I know why!"  

Nancy Cobb, Owner, The Puppy Perfectors

  "Harry Tolen did a great job on www.CEOsherpa.com! We have received many compliments on the professional layout, the easy navigation, and the snappy responsiveness of the links on the site. Working with Harry was a real pleasure. He listened carefully to our goals, made well-formed recommendations, and went the extra mile to research the best performance coding for the blog pages. I highly recommend Harry to anyone building or modifying a professional website."  

Michael Schutzler, CEOsherpa.com

  �I was extremely fortunate to have been mentored by Harry early in my career. Harry was, and still is, a gifted leader and strategic manager. He built a successful team with his ability to help us identify market opportunities and develop new marketing approaches for our clients.�  

Kathy Loomis, Financial Advisor

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